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Product - SUNOBLE®VX3581

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The world's excellent manufacturer of new material additives provides weather protection for 4 million tons of new materials worldwide every year

Applicable substrate


Product description

Plastic Nuobao SUNOBLE®VX3581 is widely used in various materials such as polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane soft foams, and styrene based elastomers. It has an excellent effect on slowing down the yellowing of polyurethane soft foams caused by oxidizing substances such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and ozone in the atmospheric environment, and protecting the color of the soft foam. The general addition amount is 0.5-1.0%.

Product index

Appearance colorless transparent liquid chromaticity (Hazen) ≤ 40, transmittance 425nm ≥ 98.0% 450nm ≥ 98.0% 500nm ≥ 98.0%

Product characteristics

Excellent antioxidant performance, significantly improving yellowing caused by various oxides in the atmospheric environment; Low odor, low volatility; Liquid additives can be easily transported by pump; Easy to process, excellent compatibility in polyol and polyurethane systems; Improve the thermal oxygen stability of soft foam and play a certain role in resisting core burning and yellowing during the sponge foaming process.


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