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As a world's excellent manufacturer of new material additives, we provides weather protection for 4 million tons of new materials worldwide every year


Campus recruitment

You can choose to apply for a suitable position online or directly send your resume to our mailbox: hr@sunshows.com.cn And explain the position you are applying for. After you have passed the resume screening and entered the list of candidates for the position, the Personnel Administration Department of New Star Chemical will contact you by telephone or email.


Social recruitment

Anhui SUNSHOW Chemical Co., Ltd. invites outstanding talents with different backgrounds and work experience to join the SUNSHOW family. Please pay attention to and carefully read the detailed information on each vacant position in Sunshow. If you are interested in the position, please send your resume to: hr@sunshows.com.cn And explain the position you want to apply for. After you pass the resume screening, the personnel and administration department of the l Sunshow will contact you and invite you to participate in the interview. The interview will provide an opportunity for you and Sunshow to understand each other.



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