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Talent concept

Talent is the first resource of the company. Promoting the progress and satisfaction of employees is one of the values of the company. We focus on and satisfy the needs of employees, stimulate their strong motivation to work, and promote the coordination of personal goals and company goals, so as to achieve their sense of achievement and make their work productive.

Through institutional arrangements, we can respect human values, improve human qualities, give full play to human capabilities, protect human rights and interests, pool human spirit, and make people and enterprises develop together.

In recruiting talents, we should follow the following principles: being generous, having excellent talents, being professional and sociable, and being physically and mentally healthy.

In terms of staffing, we should follow the following principles: matching people with posts, making the best use of their talents, promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and work compatibility.

In the selection of talents, we should follow the following principles: fairness and justice, integrity and ability, contribution first, and no restriction.

In promoting the growth of employees, we should follow the following principles: learn from practice, grow with each passing day, continue to improve, and learn from others.

Human resources objectives

Centering on the company's development strategy, establish a human resources development strategy, and improve the human resources management system combining talent selection, appointment, training, development, and talent reserve. Through the effective operation of the six modules of the human resources system, such as personnel selection, training, salary, performance appraisal, employee relations, and human resources planning, we can promote the overall improvement of staff quality, the maximum realization of talent value and the optimal allocation of human resources, improve the company's sustainable development ability, and ensure the realization of the company's strategic goal of becoming a first-class large-scale international engineering company with international competitiveness.



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