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Our Mission: Add Value To polymer Our Philosophy: More Than A Supplier Our Responsibility: Protecting the Sustainable Environment and Delivering Benefits To All SUNSHOW Employees


Vision:Become a lifelong partner of customers, improve customer product content and business efficiency, and ultimately help customers achieve excellence.

Mission:Utilize advanced enterprise content management (ECM) technology, focus on the improvement of customer product content and process stability, create value with customers, and realize customer's enterprise pursuit.

Development Direction:

From  Sunshow manufacturing to Sunshow design,We have become a new technology service company with independent research and design.

Provide professional solutions and new products for customers in different industries.

At the same time, we will add value to the development of new materials and new energy in China


More Than A Supplier: We regard customers as the most important partners, develop and retreat with customers, and create success for customers. 

Add Value To Polymer: 

Serving the polymer field has always been an important goal of  Sunshow Company. Increasing the quality of polymer in China and developing new polymer materials are our focus.

1. Completely replace imported specialty products and create national brands.

2. Pay attention to environmental protection and safety, and jointly create harmonious development.

3. Maintain a good relationship between employees and the enterprise and create a win-win situation.



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